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“Ransomware as a Service” as a Business Model: Why the Business of Extortion Flourishes

This article is the first of three blogposts about the changing threat landscape in professional environments. “Ransomware as a Service” as a business model has powerful implications for enterprises, which are by no means defenseless. Modern vulnerability management, which Greenbone’s products enable, also plays an important role in this context. Numbers 2020 – Increase, Revenue, […]


Docker Container for Greenbone Community Edition

Greenbone is stepping up its commitment to open source and the community edition of its vulnerability management software. In addition to the open source code on Github, Greenbone now also provides pre-configured and tested Docker containers. Official containers from the manufacturer itself The Greenbone Community Containers are regularly built automatically and are also available for […]


Now on Mastodon: Greenbone in the Fediverse

Greenbone is happy to announce another important part of our community strategy: We are now also in the Fediverse, on Mastodon: You can find and follow us on @greenbone@floss.social! The federated messaging service Mastodon has grown massively over the last weeks, millions of users are switching to this open-source alternative to proprietary tools like Twitter. […]