About abusive use of community services

Continuing the discussion from Important: IP and bandwith limitations on Community Feed:

We provide a free service for a worldwide vulnerability management community, and we love doing so.

The very most of our community users are happy with the solution we provide them for free, including a daily updated feed with vulnerability tests. Amongst them are teachers, universities, security consultants, private users and many more.

On the other hand we have some users with other use cases, who run massive numbers feed-syncs. In the end this causes problems for all other users. To share just one of some examples: We do not believe that more than 10000 syncs per hour from a single IP is something which should be done, at least not without any communication with us.

We are sad to say that when someone runs i.e. a very large installation behind a proxy, and creates thousands of syncs per hour, we will have to block this IP to keep the service alive for all our fair users.

We are constantly improving our capability to keep our service running, and we are sure to improve our quality of service in the next weeks. We already put some new hardware in place. Anyway a fair use solves a lot of problems.

If you believe you might be blocked, please contact us, and we will will try to find a solution.