Advanced task wizard in community edition cannot create task Error Value '0' is not valid for parameter 'start_day'

using recent VM
Advanced task wizard wont create task with run immediately of date set.
Value '0' is not valid for parameter 'start_day'.

Works fine for me. Are you using GCE 6.0.10? Can you take a screen shot of the advanced task manager?

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it’s Greenbone OS 6.0.10

I’ll try to recreate it,

happened quiet a lot yesterday, is there any log file i can access to help ?

Well that’s typical, cannot recreate issue today, which makes that difficult to prove and me look a bit of a nerd… Wonder if it’s timing related or some other issue related to environment RAM ?? … at some point i did change the VM linux version following reading a forum but that’s a bit straw clutching…

I encountered the same error. I am using 6.0.10.