CentOS Update for iwl1000-firmware CESA-2018:0094


the test above has an bug,
it will report an newer package as an older one.
CentOS Update for iwl1000-firmware CESA-2018:0094 centos7 OID:

Vulnerable package: iwl5000-firmware
Installed version: iwl5000-firmware-
Fixed version: iwl5000-firmware-
Using openvas scanner 6.0.0


Thanks for reporting a bug.
Which iwl5000-firmware version do you actually have? And did you use an authenticated scan?


As you can see, I have package version iwl5000-firmware- installed,
I have logged in the system an verified the rpm package version.
Package version 69.el7 is newer than 58.el7_4.


Oh dear, I have overlooked this myself as well.

The issue has been given to out developers, I will get back to you as son as it’s solved.