CVE-2019-0708 plugins


Hi openvas team,
Have you updated this rule recently, remote check?I want to write according to other people’s, but because of the limited level, I can’t write it with nasl.



a remote/active VT for this specific RDP vulnerability is currently in the works and should arrive in the feed soon.




Haven’t updated yet?


I updated feed on sunday, and find information CVE-2019-0708, but i can’t scan our windows servers and don’t show any vulnerability about CVE-2019-0708 .
I 'm waiting the update. Thanks.


Thanks for your reply.But,where is the information about CVE-2019-0708?


Are you using the community or GSF feed ? It might only come up on the GSF, the GCE does not give you any SLA on timing or availability.

If you look at the SecInfo it´s already part of the GSF:

Last updated: Fri, May 24, 2019 10:29 PM


Sorry, i’ m not openvas team. CVE-2019-0708 can find on Secinfo->CVE and search.


I mean the remote check.


okay,The remote rdp check policy haven’t updated.


Scan Authenticated …



I scanned a few Windows hosts which I know are vulnerable to CVE-2019-0708; however, OpenVAS did not detect it.

I ran greenbone-nvt-sync without issues.

Can you assist?
Thank you!


Openvas detection CVE-2019-0708 method is authorized to scan


How can i check it?Thanks.


As already explained twice the VTs covering that specific CVE currently requires an authenticated scan. See the following documentation on how to configure such an authenticated scan: