GMP Scanner



Hi everyone,

I want to make a Master-Sensor setup using the GVM-10. I already did this setup with the GVM-9 using OMP slave and the Sven Haardiek tutorial and it was working.

With the GVM-10, I used the GMP Scanner, but there’s no way to setup the port or the certificat by the GSA interface.

So I changed the listening port on the sensor:* LISTEN 591/gvmd: Waiting for incoming connections

Then I created a “slave” user on the sensor and I try my luck starting a scan using my sensor as the scanner:

gvmd.log on master:
gvm_server_verify: the certificate is not trusted
gvm_server_verify: the certificate hasn't got a known issuer
slave_connect: failed to open connection to xxxxx on 9391

gvmd.log on sensor:
read_from_client_tls: failed to read from client: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.

So I guess that there is a certificate issue, could you please give me an hint ?