GOS 6.0.2 Stalls at 1%

Using the Greenbone OS 6.0.2 on a VM.

I have multiple issues. I’ll start with this one.

I updated the community feed since I do not have the subscription key.
I added my targets
I added my task
I am hitting play to run the scan on the targets

Now it stalls at 1%. I am checking the performance monitor. According to that no resources are being used. I logged out and attempted to log back in and I get error “GMP error during authentication.” I have looked at other support tickets and none of them have a solution.

Within the greenbone OS "│ System Status: No system operation is running currently. "

After a while I get the below when the URL times out no matter where I am located in the security manager.
ERROR “An internal error occurred. Diagnostics: Could not connect to manager daemon. Unknown error.

Finally after a reboot I get this error everytime I run the scan. Which no longer stalls at 1% but just goes to “Done”
ERROR “Could not connect to Scanner”

That mean that the manager could not talk to the scanner, typical if you use the GCE Image there are two main reasons for that:

  1. Your Install / Virtual HDD Image is corrupted.
  2. Your machine is not allocating enough resources to the VM.
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I will rebuild it and report back. I am using 12GB or ram and 8 cores. Hopefully it should not require more resources

I ended up not using the OS and went with installing it on Fedora 30. Now it is working with the newest version of openvas.

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OpenVAS is end of life, so you should really update to GVM.