Greenbone OS 3.1: End of Life 2019-July-31

On July 31st 2019 GOS 3.1 reaches its end of life and will be passed on to the status “Retired”. This means on the one hand that we still support GOS 3.1 in order to upgrade to newer releases. But on the other hand the permanent running quality assurance of Greenbone Security Feed for GOS 3.1 will be stopped and the security maintenance will also end at this date.

A GSM with GOS 3.1 will remain to be functioning beyond that date in principle. However, it is recommended to deactivate the Feed synchronization because the Feed will be updated with incompatible changes a few days later in early August. Furthermore it is recommended to not use GOS 3.1 for productive use beyond end of life date due to the fact of missing security maintenance.

We highly recommend to upgrade to GOS 4.3 as soon as possible. The Greenbone Support team can help you to plan the migration. Upgrading from GOS 3 to GOS 4 is a major step where the physical appliances need a flash update. A fundamental mandatory change for GOS 4.3 is the separation of management interface and scan interface for GSM 400 and above, which means for most cases that you have to attach a second network cable to a physical GSM appliance.

Read about the migration and the changes of default behavior here:

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