GSM MAVEN: How to purchase



The GSM MAVEN is a virtual appliance with the ENTRY-level feature set and a basic service level agreement. It is therefore the lowest priced option of the professional Greenbone product line.

For details see: GSM MAVEN product information

If you used GCE before and your are not missing a feature other than the full GSF and upgrade function and you don’t need a higher service level agreement, then MAVEN is your choice. If you want a higher service level, GSM ONE is your choice. If you want a higher feature-level, the SME-level feature set or even beyond is what you want to explore on our product overview.

Purchasing a GSM MAVEN

You can purchase the GSM MAVEN from a Greenbone Sales Partner.

There are also some web-shops where Greenbone sales partners offer the GSM MAVEN. The following list does not claim to be complete or up-to-date. It is the web-shops that came to our attention:

Web shops in the UK

Web shops in Germany