GVM-10 (end-of-life, initial release 2019-04-05)

Greenbone Vulnerability Management version 10 (GVM-10) is end-of-life since 31.12.2020.

GVM 10 has retired at the end of 2020.

GVM is developed for and as part of the commercial product line Greenbone Security Manager. It is developed by Greenbone and licensed as Free Software/Open Source.

GVM is published as regularly updated and tested source code releases.

It is also available as latest source code repository state, which is not fully tested and may show unexpected behavior.

  • Supported Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP) version: 8.0
  • Supported Open Scanner Protocol (OSP) version: 1.1

Source Code Release

Source Code Repository

Installing Source Code

For installation from source code, it is recommended and assumed that you are familiar with the procedure to build and install software from the actual source code.

Both procedures, building from source code release and building from source code repository follow the same common way.

After download enter each main directory and follow the instructions in the “INSTALL” and “README” files.

Typically you will need to install various missing dependencies such as development libraries. The configuration process tries to help you to find out about what is missing.

If you run into trouble, search category Source Code Edition for a solution and if not found, raise your question there.

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