GVM 11 not detecting new version of Tomcat

So my org had a Tomcat server on version 8.5.30 (I think it was). I recently switched from using OpenVAS in Kali to installing it on a standalone from a script at https://github.com/yu210148/gvm_install. The person in charge of the Tomcat server updated it to 8.5.51 (I think).

I scanned the Tomcat server with the new install of GVM 11 but it still detects the old version of Tomcat, not the new one. The OpenVAS on Kali is also detecting the older version and I have no idea why. When I browse to the IP:8080, I see version 8.5.51 at the top so I know it got updated, any ideas?

The output of “Apache Tomcat Detection (Consolidation)” (OID: should give you some additional information about the detection and on what ground the detection was concluded (e.g. concluded from string/URL).

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That helped a lot actually! It seems it’s looking at the release-notes.txt and getting the version from there. I’m going to try to update the release notes and rescan and see.