GVM 21.04 ubuntu 20.04 install script

wanted to share gvm 21.04 install script on ubuntu 20.04 LTS. If you are not allowed to use docker due to privilage containers or you use lxd/lxc containers. Install script: https://github.com/yu210148/gvm_install works like charm.
If you like the work say thank you to yu210148 and greenbone team. If you found an issue - submit issue in github.

Thank you yu210148!!!

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I ran it as well and it seems to work just fine. Thank you yu210148 and the Greenbone Team!

Disclaimer: That script is not maintained by Greenbone nor is any Greenbone employee involved.

We maintain a build from source guide at https://greenbone.github.io/docs/ and aren’t supporting questions regarding this script.

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100% correct. Script is provided by random people who love open source. It is free. Use it at your own risk. Do not ask Greenbone for help. If you need help submit issue on GitHub. Script here is posted for sharing with likeminded people.