Gvm-script not found



Hi Lukas,
Thank you for your answer.

I installed the gvm-tools from here: https://github.com/greenbone/gvm-tools
However, when I run gvm-script I get this error: bash: gvm-script: command not found
Any idea what might be causing this?


Adding a /16 network as a Target

That an example script you have to write :wink:

Please check out how to do this in Python at:



I’ve split the gvm-script question into a new topic because it is unrelated to the original topic.


If you did install gvm-tools via pip install gvm-tools to got the 2.0beta1 release which does not include the gvm-script command line utility. The gvm-script tool is only available in the master branch yet but will be included in the final 2.0 release. Until the final release you can use the gvm-pyshell tool.