Hint: Hosts are not scanned / not shown as "Alive"



Some common issues if scans doesn’t return any results:

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For all installations (GCE/GSM Appliances/VM and Source/Package like e.g. Kali Linux)

  1. The targets are not answering to an ICMP Echo Request -> Check the Alive Test setting of your Target definition and try some of the other available methods. Further reading:


  2. You’re using a custom scan configuration which doesn’t include the following two VTs from the Port scanners family.

    Nmap (NASL wrapper) - OID:
    Ping Host - OID:

    Further reading:

    Hint: Self-created scan configs (copy of "empty" scan config) showing no results).

Only for own Source/Package installations (e.g. Kali Linux or Debian)

  1. SELinux is enabled and blocking the scanner from doing its job.
  2. You don’t have nmap installed or not available within your PATH

Further debugging / logging

The mentioned Nmap (NASL wrapper) and Ping Host VTs allows to configure various settings:

Ping Host

  1. Report about unrechable Hosts configured to yes: include notes if a remote host is considered as dead / not reachable and the reason why.

  2. Log failed nmap calls and Log nmap output configured to yes: Log additional output if nmap was used.

Nmap (NASL wrapper)

  1. Log nmap output configured to yes: Log additional output if nmap was used.

Virtual Appliance v4.2.24 all scans fail
Virtual Appliance v4.2.24 all scans fail
After upgrade: Scans showing no/0 results
No way to get any result/report from target host