How to reset the UI admin password

I have just setup greenbone 20.08.0.
How do I reset the admin password for the UI?
I searched online and found the following which did not work.
gvmd --user=admin --new-password=new_password

I looked in help and it said to use the Greenbone OS administration interface > setup but how do I launch the interface? FYI I don’t have GUI installed on the server.

Admin-Interface and menus are only available on GOS, you need to install a Greenbone Appliance VM for that like the GCE.

Then currently, there’s no way to reset the admin password other than reinstalling Greenbone in my case?
During the install is when it asked to set the admin password for the UI.

There is no need to reinstall GVM to reset the admin password. The previously mentioned command:

gvmd --user=admin --new-password=new_password

is correct. Make sure that you’re running it with the correct user (it needs to be the one you have used to install GVM and which is running gvmd).

Also check your gvmd.log for any errors after running that command.

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