Incorrect OS detection

We have a number of systems where device OS is being incorrectly identified as HP Jet Direct.

So far, we have found all of our Juniper Trapeze servers and some Aerohive wifi access points have been identified incorrectly. Some Aerohive access points are correctly shown as using HiveOS, even though all of the Aerohive points are identical.

What is the best way to get this corrected? Is there some information I could obtain and forward to get the detection process improved?


Depending on the available detection VTS, open ports etc. the OS detection might be just a best guess e.g. from nmap. The VTS “OS Detection Consolidation and Reporting” (OID should have some further information on what base this guessing is done.

There are currently no detection available for Juniper Trapeze that’s why the OS detection is not accurate. We always appreciate information about such devices like open ports and service responses (e.g. curl output) to improve detection. You can PM me if you don’t want to put this public. Same goes for Aerohive.