Install GVM 21.4.2 Ubuntu 20.04

Created a guide using the official documentation from Greenbone. All credit goes to Greenbone and using my guide is in no way official nor holds any warranty for any issues. I recommend everyone to read their official documentation to get a good insight on how-to build from source.

The few updates I had to make for it to work on Ubuntu 20.04 was the following (since last release):

  • install libnet1-dev
  • install libunistring-dev (for openvas-smb)
  • Manually install python3-psutil version 5.7.2 (pip install --upgrade psutil==5.7.2)
  • Modify the scanner to correct ospd-openvas.sock path (–scanner-host=/run/ospd/ospd-openvas.sock)
  • I’ve also included the generation of GVM (GSA) certificates to enable HTTPS (which require a few changes to the start up script of GSA


Added support for exporting reports in PDF format by installing the optional packages:

  • xmlstarlet
  • texlive-fonts-recommended
  • texlive-latex-extra

You’ll find the guide here.

Thanks Greenbone community,
and best regards,


Thanks Fredrik, when I was writing our docs it was partly inspired by your guide :slight_smile: So it is nice to see that you are catching up from my work now :+1:


I’ve used the official documentation to runs it in a Debian 10 Buster machine. Tested and works fine.
Great Job!


I followed the guide to the Create GVM admin step, how do I resolve this message?

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Add /usr/local/lib/ in /etc/ or run ldconfig