Maximum Length of Report


after testing the Greenbone Tool with some little Scans with 10 Hosts per Scan i tried to Scan a completle Network with somethink like 250 Hosts. After nearly 5 hours the Scan finished and i got the alert via email. But the Problem is, that the Report length is too much, so that it deletet the report from the Mail with the note “This report exceeds the maximum length of 1048576 characters and thus was truncated.”
To find out how big the report is i downloaded the report from the gsa and saw that it has 3632890 Bytes, so 3,46mb.
The Problem is that after changing the maximum size with this commands:
gvmd --max-email-attachment-size=4000000
gvmd --max-email-include-size=4000000
gvmd --max-email-message-size=4000000

i also get the same note w.o an attachment.

also i get an error "Failed to Trigger an Alert"in the gsad when i try to trigger the report manuel, but after few min. i get the email… w.o the report.

Hope someone can help me,

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GVM versions

gsa: 8.0.1
gvm: 8.0.1
openvas-scanner: 6.0.1
gvm-libs: 10.0.1
gvm-tools: 2.0.0.beta1

Environment Greenbone Server

**Operating system: Ubuntu Server 18.4
**Kernel: 4.15.0-58-generic
**Installation method / source: Github

Those are no run-time commands and needs to be passed when starting the service. Closing as a duplicate of . Please follow up there if you have further questions.