OpenVAS/GVM not detecting missing Windows patches



Newbie OpenVAS user here…

  • OpenVAS installed on Kali Linux. Feeds are fully up-to-date and openvas-check-setup suggests everything working OK
  • Target host is a standalone (i.e. not domain-joined) Windows laptop which hasn’t been updated for months. Connectivity between these hosts is fine.
  • Local administrator on the target host account enabled and password set.
  • Running a credentialed Nessus scan of the laptop from my iMac finds dozens of missing patches as expected.
  • OpenVAS full & fast credentialed scan from Kali finds only three minor issues. No missing patches detected at all. Just to check, I installed OpenVAS on the iMac as well and the same result was obtained.
  • Remote registry service on the laptop is running and registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system\LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy has been set and laptop rebooted.

Any clues to what I’m missing here?



Hi, when choosing the category for a topic please try to have a look at the category description for each category first:

The current used category is/was (Description: About the Community Edition (GCE) category) which is about the downloadable ready-to use virtual machine.

Based on your posted issue you have an own installation either build from source or installed via the 3rdparty Kali repositories. For such installations the (Description: About the Source Edition (GSE) category) needs to be chosen.

I have moved the topic to the correct category for now. It could be possible that the info above is made more prominent / easier to find in the future.

To solve your initial issue you might want to give the following hints (and the other threads linked within it) a try:


Figured this out. Admin account on the target Windows host has to be an account other than the actual local administrator.

Created a new account, added to the local admin group and used this for the credentialed scan. All missing patches identified!