Severity error. Could not connect to server

GVM-11 on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic

Login is normal. but any test is report error.

What is detail err I can see?

I can check the status of greenbone daemons with systemctl:

systemctl status ospd-openvas # scanner

systemctl status gvmd # manager

systemctl status gsad # web ui

This is the GSE (Greenbone Source Edition), not the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) VM. Moving into the correct category.

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is it error ?

You have to take a look at the last report of the task for getting more details about the error.

where is patch details about the error ?

You are not looking at the latest report. You are looking at the task details…

can you give me a screencap?


Could not connect to Scanner…

host? or cilent?

It means the gvmd daemon could not connect to the ospd-openvas daemon. Most likely ospd-openvas is not running or listening on a different unix socket.

You are seeming to use some provided packages therefore please refer to the author of this packages.

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ospd-openvas is running.

where is config unix socket?

did you solve this problem - I have the same one :frowning: