Source Edition (GSE)

The Greenbone Source Edition (GSE) covers the actual source codes of the Greenbone application stack
for vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management.

Community Edition (GCE)

The Greenbone Community Edition (GCE, being a derivate of the GSM ONE) comes as a virtual machine and allows for fast and easy way of testing our solution on Windows, Linux or Mac. No particular know-how is needed.

Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP)

The Greenbone Management Protocol is the central API allowing to control all functionalities of the Greenbone Vulnerability Manager and thus of the Greenbone Security Manager appliances as well. Even the web-client GSA exclusively uses GMP to communicate with the back-end.
Technically speaking, GMP is a XML-based human-readable, stateless request-response protocol.

Vulnerability Tests

Vulnerability tests (VTs) are executed by a scanner and detect vulnerabilities of various kind.
VTs also detect services, products etc. and gather policy compliance information.

Feed Services (GCF & GSF)

The daily updated feed services cover latest vulnerability tests, security information and related data.


This is a read-only category for news to customers and community about our commercial and community
products as well as related topics in security incidents, cyber resilience insights and company news.

Security Processes

A security process is what goes beyond just applying a single security product or a single security guideline. Combining technical and organizational elements and making it a routine is what forms a security process.

Upcoming Features

In this category you will find topics about upcoming features which are implemented or at least specified, but not yet released.

Open Scanner Protocol (OSP)

The Open Scanner Protocol is designed to allow controlling various vulnerability scanners. These scanners must either offer the protocol OSP on their own or be connected via an adapter (“OSP wrapper”).

Greenbone OS (GOS)

Greenbone OS is the operating system for the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) appliances. It covers a linux-based core, the Greenbone application stack for vulnerability scanning and management (GVM, Greenbone Vulnerability Management) and the appliance administration layer.