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Greenbone is happy to announce another important part of our community strategy: We are now also in the Fediverse, on Mastodon: You can find and follow us on @greenbone@floss.social! The federated messaging service Mastodon has grown massively over the last weeks, millions of users are switching to this open-source alternative to proprietary tools like Twitter. In November alone the user numbers raised from a few hundred thousands to several millions. Greenbone is honoring this development and supports both Mastodon and the Fediverse alongside with our forum and this community portal.

What is the Fediverse, why Mastodon?

The Fediverse is a growing network of services, run by open source volunteers, supported by open source companies and following free and open standards. A variety of services helps replacing the proprietary offers of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or others while the underlying decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub ensures interoperability.

The Fediverse – and thus also Mastodon was developed in open source, with special focus on community aspects, transparency, authenticity, thus giving users more control over their data and the content they’re offered.

How to Mastodon

Compared to other social networks, Mastodon has advantages and disadvantages – your mileage may vary. Greenbone believes that Mastodon (as the Fediverse) share the same values when it comes to open source and human interactions. However, that also means that on Mastodon, users have to be more active. No company-driven algorithm will wash toots (the Mastodon equivalent of tweets) into your timeline – it will only display toots from people (or hashtags) you actively follow and which you not explicitly blocked. Because of the “federated” nature of mastodon, you can also block whole servers or change your own “home” server whenever you desire – your data belongs to you.

Join Greenbone – go to greenbone.social and log into mastodon.