How to edit config file in order to allow for a /16 subnet target?


How to adjust config file (openvassd.conf?) to allow for a 16-bit subnet mask network?


The limitation for maximum IPs per target is implemented in the management service, not the scanner.
The limits are intentional to keep reports in a manageable size.

Please also have a look at this topic:


Oh okay, so where do I change it in the Management Service?
The report won’t be unmanageable since there are only around 500 live IPs, they are just scattered throughout many different /24 subnets. If I had to manually add individual /24 networks, I’d have to add over 100 target networks! So, like I said the report won’t be unmanageable, but adding that many targets surely would. Is the Management Service accessible from the web page? Thanks.


The management service is called gvmd in

and openvasmd in

The source can be found at


Sorry, I’m new here, but are you saying I need to download/install a separate product in order to add a /16 network?


Looks like there is a misunderstanding here:

What @bricks wanted to point out is that the limit is not enforced by the scanner (openvassd.conf) as you had initially assumed but within the named/linked manager daemon (openvasmd/gvmd). This was just an informative post to point out where the current upper limit is coming from / enforced.


Okay, it seems like we are narrowing in on the solution. How do I adjust the upper limit within the manager daemon (openvasmd/gvmd)? Thanks.


I guess it can be adjusted by the --max-ips-per-target option but I am not sure if there is another hard limit.