PDF file produced by scripts/pdf-report.gmp can not be opened successly

gvm-script -c ./gvm-tools.conf tls --hostname --port 9390 pdf-report.gmp f06bdf89-c29c-4565-923a-d64908012067
PDF file produced command above can not be opened.

GVM versions

**gsad:8.0.1 (‘gsad --version’)
**gvmd: 8.0.1 (‘gvmd --version’)
**openvas:6.0.1 (‘openvassd --version’)
gvm-tools:2.0.0 release version
python-gvm:1.0.0 release version


**Operating system:linux fedora x86_64
**Kernel:Linux (‘uname -a’)
**Installation method / source:source code installation

Please ensure you have installed the required packages e.g. xsltproc and xmlstarlet. There are a lot of topics regarding the missing packages for different distributions in this forum. E.g.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion.

I have installed xsltproc,xmlstarlet and pdflatex, pdf doc produced by scripts/pdf-report.gmp can be display successly now.

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