Scan failed with "Interrupted", but openvas scan look fine

After updating to 20.8.0 some scan’s failed with the state of Interrupted.
As far I can see in log file, the openvas scan itself will run complete fine.
openvas log:

sd main:MESSAGE:2020-09-03 08h42.35 utc:6365: Vulnerability scan 690a3bc2-8dc5-4b26-97da-2b0419ddb01b finished for host XXX in 984.58 seconds
sd main:MESSAGE:2020-09-03 08h42.35 utc:6324: Vulnerability scan 690a3bc2-8dc5-4b26-97da-2b0419ddb01b finished in 990 seconds: 1 hosts


event task:MESSAGE:2020-09-03 10h42.37 CEST:5922: Status of task XXX (cc39df54-fc68-4d40-ab59-f5613c1305a6) has changed to Interrupted

Set log_whole_attack = yes for openvas will not shown an error at the end.

How can I debug it?

Thanks for any ideas.

i have the exact same problem since i installed version 20.08


After some debugging it looks like an problem with the python part(ospd-openvas/ospd) or the openvas scanner itself. So the gvmd is not the source of the problem. I have open an bug report for it. When you have more information, please add it to it. Here the link of it:

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