Updating IP of a scan target


Some time ago, I have created scan tasks with associated targets.
I have specified my host using its IP address but after several months, the IP of the target has changed and I want to update my target in GSA.
My problem is that I can not edit any more the “Hosts” field in the target.
I can create a new target, but I can also not update the “Scan target” in the task.
I think the only way I have is to create a new task using a new target, but in that case it will break my scan result history.
I have done also a test using a hostname in the “Hosts” field that seems to be OK.
Is it the proper way to have a target with a “moving” IP ?
How can I “convert” an existing scan task associated to a fixed IP target to have a “moving” IP?

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GVM versions

gsad: GSA 21.4.3
gvmd: GVM 21.4.4
openvas-scanner: 21.4.3
gvm-libs: 21.4.3


Operating system: Kali 2021.4
Kernel: 5.14.0
Installation method / source: Kali ISO

Hi @ykrons,

I’m bumping this for visibility to see if anyone has insight on how to do it.

Hi all,

Isn’t there a way to alter database of configuration files to move from a fixed IP to a hostname for example?

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I have finally fixed it directly in the database and have replaced the old IP by the proper hostname.
That is not very user friendly and probably risky, but it seems to work as expected now.

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Hi @ykrons,

Yep, that’s not ideal (even though it’s working for now).