Where is the gvmd.sock?

Gvmd.sock does not exist while installing from source.
I want to use gvm-cli to create task.
Need Help!
I just find ospd.sock,but it can not to use.
Here is my version:
And there is no sock file in /usr/local/var/run/


The actual path depends on the build and runtime settings of gvmd. By default it uses $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/var/run/gvmd.sock. But also the daemon must be running already. You can adjust the path of the unix socket via -c flag at runtime too. See gvmd --help

c, --unix-socket=<filename>                  Listen on UNIX socket at <filename>.
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Thank you for reply.
But I use the command"find / -name gvmd.sock" ,there is no returned.

Please double check if gvmd is running at all and if is not configured to use TLS.

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I have the same issue as xieyt, how can we check if gvmd uses TLS? My gvmd service is running.